3-Wheeled Fiat 500 is a Real Head-Turner

Fiat 500 Lounge Side Exterior Gray 

Teen drivers in Germany are in for a treat. The newest must-have car for the newly minted 16-year-old driver is the Fiat 500, but it comes with a twist – it’s a three-wheeler. Due to a lower age requirement, many German teens start driving with an A1 motorcycle-class license that allows them to drive two- or three-wheeled vehicles. Since learning the rules of the road on two wheels can be quite dangerous, German company Ellenator engineered a safer alternative.
The modified 20 horsepower Fiat 500 can be driven with an A1 license because Germany’s auto laws mean the vehicle is considered a tricycle. Reviews of the three-wheeled Fiat compliment the design for avoiding the pitfalls three-wheeled cars usually fall victim to, such as tipping over or looking awkward. One reviewer remarked that the driving behavior is not noticeably different from the four-wheeled version. Technically, the three-wheeled Fiat 500 has four wheels, but the rear two wheels are so close together that it behaves almost exactly like a true three-wheeler does. 

Auto bloggers have praised the three-wheeled Fiat 500 for its appearance and features that surpass other three-wheeled cars on the German market. Safety features such as anti-lock braking, airbags and seat belts mean the three-wheeled Fiat is many times safer than a motorcycle. And despite the performance decrease, the peppy Fiat 500 is still able to reach a maximum speed of 50 mph. It’s even legal to drive on the world-renowned German autobahn highway.    

Why the Fiat?

The Fiat 500 is popular among European and American youth alike for its sporty looks and performance as well as the cool-factor that comes with the legacy of the Fiat 500. Interior luxuries available on the Fiat 500 such as comfortable seats, fold-down rear seats, Bluetooth, electronic windows and other features make the Fiat 500 an extremely alluring ride. 

The Fiat 500 at Yark Fiat

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