3 Driving Mistakes that Lead to Speeding Tickets

Ever wonder why some drivers get pulled over for speeding, while others don't? No, it's not because the police officer is playing favorites. It depends how and where you exceed the speed limit. Speeding is dangerous, puts lives at risk, and should be avoided for everyone's safety. Following posted signs is the legal thing to do, but sometimes it is safer to travel with the flow of traffic.
Speeding tickets aren't cheap either, so here are three mistakes that lead to speeding tickets you should avoid. Here at Yark FIAT in Toledo, OH, safety is very important to us and we would like to remind drivers to make smart decisions and be courteous on the road. 

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1. Speeding in Unfamiliar Areas
One of the biggest mistakes drivers make when traveling at speeds above the posted limit is speeding in unfamiliar areas. Drivers who know the area know when and where to slow down or speed up. If you don't slow down and pass slower drivers, you're asking for a speeding ticket. Law enforcement can easily spot a car passing everyone else. Follow the flow of traffic to avoid standing out. If you're going faster than cars around you, you not only look foolish, but you put other drivers in harm's way.

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2. Speeding in Peak Traffic Hours
Peak traffic hours are not the most enjoyable experiences when you have somewhere to be, and the last thing you would want is to get pulled over for speeding. Police officers are most vigilant during these times, because more accidents are prone to happen when more cars are on the road. Drivers that are speeding, following too closely, or performing dangerous maneuvers increase the chances of a car accident. If you're stuck in traffic, your chance of getting pulled over goes up, so be patient and save yourself the trouble.

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3. Weaving through Traffic
Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb to law enforcement officers than a car weaving through slower traffic. There really is no reason to cut in and out of traffic, because even if you're passing cars, they're going slower for a reason; it's called traffic. Weaving through traffic is less efficient for you and your car. You aren't getting that much further ahead of traffic, and you end up using more gas accelerating and braking to make your way around slower traffic. Simply put, speeding is not worth endangering your life and the lives of everyone around you. 

If you find yourself rushing because you're always late, leave for your destination earlier to avoid needing to speed through traffic. Speeding is unnecessarily dangerous and getting a speeding ticket is a cost that can be easily avoided. Drive safely and plan ahead.  

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